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Department of Geophysics

H-3515 Miskolc-Egyetemváros, A/2 b. II. floor

Contanct (Administrator):
E-mail: geofizika@uni-miskolc.hu
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Earth Science Engineering

Data and information processing

Engineering and environmental geophysics

Engineering physics

Engineering physics II.

Engineering programming

Geoelectric college

Geophysical data processing

Geophysical exploration methods I.

Geophysical exploration methods II.

Geophysical inversion.

Geophysical measurements


Global environmental geophysics

Introduction to English geophysical literature

Seismic college

Well logging college

Environmental engineering

Environmental and engineering geophysics

Hydrogeological Eng.

Geophysics of exploration for water

Petroleum Engineering

Applied geophysics

Petroleum Geoengineering

Basic data processing methods for oilfield geophysics

Computer-aided well log analysis


In-field seismic techniques and interpretation

Introduction to applied geophysics

Introduction to geophysical literature

Introduction to petrophysics


Exploration seismic techniques and interpretation


MS in Earth Sciences and Engineering

Program title: Earth Science Engineering masters (MSc)
Degree awarded: Geological and Geophysical Engineer (MSc)

minor specialisations:

Geophysical Engineering module
Geological Engineering module

Number of semesters: 4; required number of credits to be completed: 120
Application deadline: 1. May 2014.

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Download course slides:

Dr. Dobróka Mihály

Engineering physics 1 (.pdf) (translated by Anett Kiss)
Engineering physics 2 (.pdf) (translated by Armand Abordán)
The methods of geophysical inversion
Introduction to Petrophysics_Physical basis

Dr. Pethő Gábor

Geophysical interpretation and prospecting (.pdf)
Global and environmental geophysics

Applied Geophysics (MS in Petroleum Engineering):
Introduction (.pdf)
Gravimetry (.pdf)
Magnetic method (.pdf)
Geothermics (.pdf)
Radiometry (.pdf)
Geoelectrical and electromagnetic methods (.pdf)
Seismic method (.pdf)

Dr. Szabó Norbet Péter

Environmental and engineering geophysics (MSc) (.pdf)
Geophysical Exploration Methods (.pdf)
Geostatistics (.pdf)
Well logging

Dr. Takács Ernő

In-field seismic and interpretation (.docx)
Geoph interp. and prosp. 1 (.ppt)
Geoph interp. and prosp. 2p1 (.ppt)
Geoph interp. and prosp. 2p2 (.ppt)
Geoph interp. and prosp. 2p3 (.ppt)
Geoph interp. and prosp. 3 (.ppt)
Geoph interp. and prosp. 4p1 (.ppt)
Geoph interp. and prosp. 4p2 (.ppt)

Dr. Vass Péter

Introduction to Petrophysics (MS in Petroleum Geoengineering):
Introduction to Petrophysics 1 (.pdf)
Introduction to Petrophysics 2 (.pdf)
    Plan of hexagonal cell (.pdf)
    Plan of orthorombic cell (.pdf)
    Plan of rhombohedral cell (.pdf)
    Plan of tetragonal cell (.pdf)
Introduction to Petrophysics 3 (.pdf)
Introduction to Petrophysics 4 (.pdf)
Introduction to Petrophysics 5 (.pdf)
Introduction to Petrophysics 6 (.pdf)
Introduction to Petrophysics 7 (.pdf)
Introduction to Petrophysics 8 (.pdf)
Introduction to Petrophysics 9 (.pdf)
Introduction to Petrophysics 10 (.pdf)
Introduction to Petrophysics 11 (.pdf)
Introduction to Petrophysics 12 (.pdf)

Introduction to Applied Geophysics (MS in Petroleum Geoengineering):
Part 1 (Introduction) (.pdf)
Part 2 (.pdf)
Part 3 (.pdf)
Part 4 (.pdf)

Computer-Aided Well Log Analysis (MS in Petroleum Geoengineering):
Techlog lesson 1 (.pdf)
Techlog exercise 1-2 (.pdf)
Techlog lesson 2 (.pdf)
Techlog lesson 3 (.pdf)
Techlog lesson 4 (.pdf)
Techlog lesson 5 (.pdf)
Techlog lesson 6 (.pdf)
Techlog lesson 7 (.pdf)
Techlog lesson 8 (.pdf)
Techlog lesson 9 (.pdf)
Techlog lesson 10 (.pdf)

Applied Geophysics (MS in Petroleum Engeneering):
Well logging part 1 (.pdf)
Well logging part 2 (.pdf)
Well logging part 3 (.pdf)
Well logging part 4 (.pdf)
Well logging part 5 (.pdf)

Engineering Program Development:
MATLAB first steps (.pdf)
MATLAB vectors and matrixes (.pdf)
MATLAB built-in functions and plotting (.pdf)
MATLAB operators, control flow and scripting (.pdf)
MATLAB user-defined functions, data input/output (.pdf)




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